Welcome to Sting Day

A boutique event for entrepreneurs, startups and investors 

Small and curated: Sting Day is an exclusive, invitation-only event for 250 carefully selected guests. You don’t have to search for the right people to talk to – with 80 Sting companies from all over Sweden attending and a large number of investors from around the world, everyone you need to meet is in one room.

Not a commercial event: The secret behind Sting Day is that it’s not a commercial event. Since we’re not selling tickets, we can ensure that only the most relevant entrepreneurs and investors come, giving you the best networking and knowledge sharing opportunities possible.

This year’s Sting Day will be all about learning from the invaluable insights and experiences of our remarkable startup community – including everyone in the audience. 

To kick things off, we’ve invited prominent entrepreneurs to give you insights into their startup journeys - click here for more information on our exciting speakers.
This will be followed by plenty of opportunities for networking and mingling, as well as an exclusive Founders Forum where brilliant minds from Sting’s vast community of entrepreneurs and investors will work together.

And of course - there will be dinner, drinks and music to round up an amazing day! 

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm on the 21st of October!

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Doors open

Lunch and mingle


Welcome and Sting news update with Pär Hedberg

Keynote speaker Giovanni Fili

Deep, deep, deep tech! A founders story.

Conquering the world

David Rowan, founding UK editor-in-chief of WIRED and author of "Non-Bullshit innovation" will lead an interesting session with three successful entrepreneurs and investors to find out what their successes and challenges has been when developing international growth companies from Sweden.

 Participants in the panel are:

- Stina Ehrensvärd, co-founder of Yubico
- Johannes Schildt, co-founder of Kry
- Jessica Schultz, general partner of Northzone

Networking and coffee

Founders Forum

Time for the audience to participate in the discussions!

Founders Forum consist of four different sessions running parallel to each other. Each session is dedicated to a specific theme, based on key focus areas and challenges for any successful startup.

International expansion

Pre-dinner mingle

Dinner, drinks and more!

Europe vs. the rest of the world

How can Europe foster successful tech companies that can take on the U.S. and Asia?

During the meal, we will have an exclusive insight into the thinking of Klaus Hommels, founder and chairman of venture capital company Lakestar, in conversation with Forbes Senior Correspondent Heather Farmbrough.

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Stockholm Innovation & Growth
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