Founders Forum

The Founders Forum are interactive sessions for discussion, sharing ideas and exchanging knowledge – all based on your personal experience as founders. 

The forum consist of four different sessions running parallel to each other. Each session is dedicated to a specific theme, based on key focus areas and challenges for any successful startup. 

A panel of founders will kick-start the discussion in each room. After that, the floor will open up, giving you the opportunity to share experiences with fellow founders and investors and get answers to your questions. 

You’ll pick your room prior to the event. We encourage everyone to send in questions and suggestions for discussion topics beforehand to ensure you get the most out of the experience. Submit yours now!

See below for more information on each session 


In this session we'll delve into:

  • Founders’ personal journeys
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Creating company values
  • Fostering a positive culture
  • Developing roles and effective ways of working
  • Managing conflict

The panel consist of: 
Maja Magnusson, Care to Translate
Rosie Linder, Peppy Pals
Sara Rywe, byFounders
Michael Arnör, Sellpy

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In this session we’ll cover the ins and outs of funding, including:

  • What you need to know about VC funding
  • Different strategies for financing and founder experiences
  • The role of early revenue

The panel consist of: 
Julian Lee, Airmee
Frida Emilsson, Worldfavor
Jyri Engeström, Yes VC
Martin Landén, APPRL (acq. Klarna)

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In this session we’ll discuss all things revenue, including:

  • How to decide which vertical to focus on
  • How and why revenue can solve (almost) all of your problems
  • Creating a sales-oriented team
  • Managing and optimizing the sales process
  • Challenges when generating B2B digital growth

The panel consist of: 
Maria Swedin, Cacharge
Alexander Hjertström, Airinum
Tatiana Shalalvand, Inventure
Tor Rauden Källstigen, All Ears

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In this session we’ll dive into how to scale your startup internationally, including:

  • Different strategies for scaling in international markets
  • Experiences from different regions
  • How the right investors and partners can help you expand internationally

The panel consist of: 
Ola Lowden Landström, Omocom
Elsa Bernadotte, Karma
Carlo Giovanni Biggio, Accel
Alok Alström, Appjobs

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