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Participating startups


In contrast to traditional VFX vendors, where Previs is handcrafted frame-by-frame by teams of animators, our tools put the visualization process directly back into the hands of the creative team. Thanks to realtime feedback, the film team can quickly explore different ideas for blocking, pacing and camera work. As we deploy a miniature paradigm, our system does not require a large space, real actors or camera rigs.


xNomad is the Nordics' leading marketplace platform for short-term retail space. We make browsing and booking commercial pop-up space as easy as booking an AirBnB.
We connect brands and entrepreneurs with their ideal retail space that so they can create a pop-up store experience and measure their success through our advanced data analytics.


Klimato is the application for restaurants looking to offer a climate-friendly concept. Through the Klimato-app users can plan climate-friendly meals, label dishes with their carbon footprint, retrieve sustainability reports and become climate-neutral by investing in climate-positive projects. Restaurants can now encourage their customers to take climate-smart food choices and promote their business towards an increasing segment of climate aware consumers. The food industry accounts for 25% of global CO2e-emissions, we aim to reduce this amount one meal at the time.


Gazzine is a platform that enables journalistic content to find its readers in a new way. The goal is to become the superior platform for premium feature articles so that professional journalists can take control of the distribution and monetization of their content and consumers can find all content they need in one place. The goal is to disrupt the global market for lifestyle publishing.


Ridesum is a digital training arena and collaboration platform connecting horseback riders, trainers and experts. In the mobile app you can search for trainers and experts, book a training session or get feedback on a video, train live via video streaming and save feedback about your training. Riders progress faster, trainers scale their business and we save the environment by reducing travelling.

Vinter Capital

Vinter Capital is a Swedish index provider and data analysis firm. We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to transform our world. The application of this technology can result in a more decentralised and transparent economy with far-reaching positive effects such as financial inclusion for everyone. Our objective is to make the cryptocurrency market more mature. We do so by providing transparent and regulated indices used in financial products. Vinter Capital's indices bridge the cryptocurrency community and the professional investment industry.

It's Re:Leased

It's Re:Leased provides more value and variation to your wardrobe without exhausting neither your or the planets resources. By renting the parts of your wardrobe you would only wear a few times we increase the number of uses per garment while provide you with more options to choose from - without adding to your already busy closet space.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon develops a toilet that upcycles human waste into plant nutrients. The volume is reduced by 90 percent which facilitates the emptying and transport of the waste. The first customers are Scandinavian holiday home owners who ask for aesthetic toilets that are hygienic and easy to handle. The next step is the global market where the need for waterless toilet solutions is enormous.


CaCharge offers a complete system and unique business model to charge electric vehicles in parking lots, whether at home or at work. The solution includes AI cloud charging service, mobile app and charging box and uses the entire parking time to efficiently distribute power between cars. As a result, many cars can be charged without expensive load peaks.


Skillbreak is a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique and local learning experiences. Skillbreak offers hundreds of unique, bite-sized and social workshops with the foremost creative experts. Right now we operate in Stockholm, but we strive to make it possible to learn anything imaginable, anywhere in the world.


Renbloc is a comprehensive and transparent solution for tracing and verifying sources of energy. Customers can easily keep track of when, where and how their energy is produced. Bringing purchasing power to the energy market, the conscious consumer will for the first time be able to voice their energy opinion by directly and transparently choosing the origin of their energy.


Pliance helps companies automate their anti-money laundering processes with the help of a powerful and flexible API that saves both time and money for businesses by incorporating customer controls into their existing tools and workflows. By using the Pliance API, these companies can focus on their basic business, and grow faster.


More and more people have realized the benefits of sharing and renting things instead of owning them. Although many want to share things, houses and services, many people feel unsafe. And for obvious reasons. If something unforeseen should occur, you may likely not be covered by insurance.
That’s why we have developed an insurance that is tailor-made for sharing and renting on digital platforms. You can easily buy our micro insurance directly on your sharing economy platform. We want to make it easier for everyone to share what they have and become part of the world of sharing.


imagiLabs makes coding fun for teenage girls. A community where girls between 12-16 get creative with mobile-first tools and gadgets customisable through programming. Powered by gamification, we aim to train and prepare tomorrow's leaders who will shape the future of innovation.


Mindmore is a digital testing app for detection and follow-up of cognitive functions. It consists of self-administered tests that provide clinicians with immediate results. This makes cognitive testing more efficient, more reliable and decreases clinicians' administration. With Mindmore's tests, diseases can be detected earlier allowing for cheaper and easier intervention. 


Airmee is a logistics startup focused on last-mile deliveries for online retailers. We have been growing 150% CQGR the past 12 months. So far we've raised 4.5m euro and are looking to do a Series A round.

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