TorTalk creates text to speech applications for schools, Universities and workplaces.        Our end users are people with dyslexia, ADHD and those who prefer to listen to their second language. TorTalks software removes barriers, help increase efficiency and reduce stress for users. For example, today we reach 75 % of the students in Sweden and feedback tells us about completed classes and an honest chance to graduate using TorTalk.

Now we are moving towards B2C with SaaS and Apps. TorTalk for iPhone is available in App store.

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Mindmore is a digital testing app for detection and follow-up of cognitive functions. It consists of self-administered tests that provide clinicians with immediate results. This makes cognitive testing more efficient, more reliable and decreases clinicians' administration. With Mindmore's tests, diseases can be detected earlier allowing for cheaper and easier intervention. 

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Mendi is the world’s first brain enhancement device for home use. Mendi’s technology is successfully being used by NASA and in research to enhance the brain’s functions and capacity by over 50 percent. The company is now making it accessible for everyone to use. Mendi is for those who want to improve their mental well-being, performance and overall health.

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Friendtivity provides leisure activities for school kids in a new way – at home, in small groups around an interest such as music, programming or painting and led by an employed friendtivity leader. Via the platform, parents can seamlessly find leaders, book and pay for the activity at a very competitive price.  Friendtivity’s goal is that the activities will provide opportunities for more school children to have a fun and meaningful leisure time, together with old or new friends.

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Treeno creates a new digital communication channel between consumers and companies by building an innovative service for digital receipts. With Treeno’s service, consumers easily get their digital receipts collected in one place and a unique insight into how they spend their money. 

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imagiLabs makes coding fun for teenage girls. A community where girls between 12-16 get creative with mobile-first tools and gadgets customisable through programming. Powered by gamification, we aim to train and prepare tomorrow's leaders who will shape the future of innovation.

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At FLOAT, we are pioneers of Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) - providing small SaaS businesses with fast, easy access to founder-friendly, non-dilutive growth capital.

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MIND Music Labs

MIND Music Labs develops technologies enabling a new generation of connected audio devices. Our ambition is to create new ways to bridge the gap between musicians, consumers and technology, changing how to create, record, listen and share music.

ELK MusicOS is MIND Music Labs patent pending core technology. ELK is a Music and Audio Operating System developed specifically to be embedded in hardware audio applications like headphones, smart speakers and musical instruments. ELK is the fastest way to bring smart IoT audio devices to market, ready to become part of the new ecosystem of connected audio applications.

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Airmee is a logistics startup focused on last-mile deliveries for online retailers. We have been growing 150% CQGR the past 12 months. So far we've raised 4.5m euro and are looking to do a Series A round.

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Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter aims to make architecture accessible to the masses. With unique, environmentally friendly and affordable housing solutions in modules like ”lego” that can be combined, Gimme Shelter wants to help people to live and build according to their need and their wallet. Together with Sweden’s most acclaimed pioneers in environment and sustainability, Gimme Shelter is building Northern Europe’s first turnkey house that is run on fossil-free fuels.

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Relox Robotics

At Relox Robotics, we develop mobile, self-driving robots to automate time-consuming and risky tasks performed by human workers. The first robot developed by the company is for automatic ball collecting on golf ranges. The robot collects golf balls autonomously on the range, a task that today is done manually with a tractor and a driver. Using our robot, the golf clubs gets a cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly solution.

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Casablnca is a CRM-System for companies and agencies working with Influencer Marketing (IM) in-house. It's a SAAS Solution that collects, stores, evaluates and presents all IM data in one place. Today the system consists of four core-functions: databank, collaboration history, calendar and user profile. Companies are able to build their own databank with relevant Influencers and follow up on their ongoing IM strategy and history. Streamlining the work processes, Casablnca makes time to focus on communication and growth, built on data driven decisions.

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Impactpool is the world's fastest-growing  career platform for people and companies who want to contribute to a positive impact. We currently have over 420 000 registered talents from all over the world who we are supporting and matching to opportunities where they can contribute to making the world better.

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Pliance helps companies automate their anti-money laundering processes with the help of a powerful and flexible API that saves both time and money for businesses by incorporating customer controls into their existing tools and workflows. By using the Pliance API, these companies can focus on their basic business, and grow faster.

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Multichannel advertising platform for SMEs, globally. Offering automated advertising across Programmatic advertising, Google Shopping, Google Search, and social media channels.

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We will disrupt the energy market through transparency and trust, by offering the conscious consumer, the ability to truly control what type of energy they consume.

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Woshapp is the car wash that comes to you. For every car we wash with our proven formula, we save around 200 liters of water. Our formula is also gentle on the paint and reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks. With Woshapp you just press a button while we take care of the rest. Easy, convenient and safe.

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