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Participating startups

digital testing app for detection and follow-up of cognitive functions.

Mindmore is a digital testing app for detection and follow-up of cognitive functions. It consists of self-administered tests that provide clinicians with immediate results. This makes cognitive testing more efficient, more reliable and decreases clinicians' administration. With Mindmore's tests, diseases can be detected earlier allowing for cheaper and easier intervention. 

Car wash that comes to you.

Woshapp is the car wash that comes to you. For every car we wash with our proven formula, we save around 200 liters of water. Our formula is also gentle on the paint and reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks. With Woshapp you just press a button while we take care of the rest. Easy, convenient and safe.

We make browsing and booking commercial pop-up space as easy as booking an AirBnB.

creates text to speech applications for schools, Universities and workplaces.

TorTalk creates text to speech applications for schools, Universities and workplaces. Our end users are people with dyslexia, ADHD and those who prefer to listen to their second language. TorTalks software removes barriers, help increase efficiency and reduce stress for users. For example, today we reach 75% of the students in Sweden and feedback tell us about completed classes and an honest chance to graduate using TorTalk.

fast-growing Stockholm-based technology company reinventing influencer marketing.

APPRL is a fast-growing Stockholm-based technology company reinventing influencer marketing by allowing e-commerce brands to track and optimise ROI on their influencer activities through our state-of-the-art SaaS platform.

Digital marketplace for bookings of live music for professional events.

Kavalri Games
Kavalri Games is on a mission to create great horse games.

Care to translate
Solves the problem of language barriers by offering healthcare personnel as well as patients safe and efficient communication in 21 different languages.

Nordic Forest Games
Create games that motivate the user to move.

Nordic Forest Games create games that motivate the user to move. With the latest technology from your smartphone, physical movement is used as input into the games. The body gets a workout while the game steals your attention, removing focus from the physical effort. Inactivity is a major and growing problem in many communities, and the goal is to have a billion daily users in ten years.

solve one of the top challenges for the manufacturing industry with our scalable virtual reality training platform.

Health Integrator
Offer “digital vaccines” creating a defense system to the health care system.

Learn to create with code, share your designs with friends on the imagiLabs app.

All ears
world’s first spoken influencer media monitoring service – Dubbed »Google of voice« by tech media.

All Ears is the world’s first spoken influencer media monitoring service – Dubbed »Google of voice« by tech media. We analyze millions of sources every day thanks to AI driven voice and text analysis. All Ears is oered as a yearly subscription, attracting over 100 clients such as Toyota, Sony Music and Volkswagen – and helping them to understand when they're mentioned. All Ears rolled out in the US in 2019, when signing a global network pr-agency as their first client in New York City.

Is a design-tech startup that offers furniture on-demand.

Harvest Moon
develops a toilet that upcycles human waste into plant nutrients.

Harvest Moon develops a toilet that upcycles human waste into plant nutrients. The volume is reduced by 90 percent which facilitates the emptying and transport of the waste. The first customers are Scandinavian holiday home owners who ask for aesthetic toilets that are hygienic and easy to handle. The next step is the global market where the need for waterless toilet solutions is enormous.

providing small SaaS businesses with fast, easy access to founder-friendly, non-dilutive growth capital.

At FLOAT, we are pioneers of Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) - providing small SaaS businesses with fast, easy access to founder-friendly, non-dilutive growth capital.

application for restaurants looking to offer a climate-friendly concept.

Community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique and local learning experiences.

SurfCleaner® has developed a patented technology to efficiently clean and separate pollutants floating on the water surface.

SurfCleaner® has developed a patented technology to efficiently clean and separate pollutants floating on the water surface. The products (skimmers) cleans everything from light viscous petrochemical products to debris. Such as oil spill, diesel, to oil, thin diesel, foam and debris. Customers are companies and municipalities that have problems with pollution on water. SurfCleaner can be used in sea, lakes, rivers, harbors, ponds, water treatment plants and water reservoirs.

world's largest community of gig-workers with over 600k members in over 30 countries.

AppJobs is the world's largest community of gig-workers with over 600k members in over 30 countries. Growing with over 10k new members every day and helping over 700 gig-companies (like Uber, Lyft, Doordash etc) find gig-workers for their service.


Multichannel advertising platform for SMEs, globally. Offering automated advertising across Programmatic advertising, Google Shopping, Google Search, and social media channels.

marketing technology company providing the next generation influencer marketing platform tailored for gaming, esport & live streaming.

Comprehensive and transparent solution for tracing and verifying sources of energy.

Cloud based solution for healthcare staffing.

Medpeople is a cloud based solution for healthcare staffing. Certified doctors and nurses use our app to apply for openings and can start working as consultants without starting a company. Medpeople cuts out the “middle-man” by automating the manual labour done by traditional staffing agencies today. Work history, salary, scheduling and communication are all handled in-app providing a simple overall solution for both healthcare providers and consultants.

Vinter Capital
Swedish index provider and data analysis firm.

Boksnok is a subscription service for interactive children’s books.

All Aboard
digital travel agency making it easy to explore Europe by train.

Manage and access your passwords seamlessly wherever you are.

Cryptolens AB
Cloud-based Software Licensing Platform for .NET, Java, Python, C++ and NodeJs, with integrated payments and comprehensive analytics.

Bizzcoo is developed and designed to meet the processes and needs of a consultant business.

Learning to Sleep
Psychologist online for sleep problems.

The Third Act
Is a power shifter, establishing a new economic approach for modern working life.

Sweden’s first app with science-generated information on ingredients in skincare and cosmetics.

ReOrbit is bringing technology together to shape the future of space exploration.

return management platform that helps online retailers manage their returns and grants customers a branded self-service digital return solution.

Vertical Evolution is a new sector-disrupting-venture and digital scale-up for human and organisational growth.

Circular fashion innovation led by experts within sustainability + design.

Defentry AB
Security system supplier in Stockholm.

mobile web portal that offers cancelled and vacant health care appointments to waiting patients.

Create citations, reference lists, and bibliographies.

BluCarbon Solutions
The specialist in Carbon Capture and Storage.

Baetes Technologies
Transform your e-commerce into v-commerce.

Designed coliving homes in Stockholm for young professionals and expats on the move.

Interactive video advertising.

Mercene Labs
An adhesion technology company in the furniture and flooring industries.

Johannas Stadsodlingar
Locally grown fish and vegetables.Sustainable. All year round.

We gather top talents to solve global challenges.

We make co-owning easy & secure.

Gro Play
Toy and game manufacturer in Stockholm.

Future Closets AB
Changing the clothing industry for good.

Sustainable batteries to enable 100% renewable energy.

Earthbanc AB
The world’s first carbon and sustainable finance marketplace.

For a healthier workplace.

Digital curator in mobile.

Experienced handpicked top-quality voices at an affordable price.

Easy-to-use platform for hosting live experiences with unmatched interaction.

Cloud-based access control software engine for digital enterprises.

Eliminating unnecessary air in e-commerce packaging.

Hybrid office — perfect for daily on-demand access.

Anti Money Laundering Automation for modern companies.

Peppy Pals
Peppy Pals is a series of award-winning, language-free apps, books and movies teaching kids ages 2-6 about emotions and empathy through play.

Panprices AB
Offers a direct on-site checkout for the best shopping experience.

Your digital health guide after pregnancy and childbirth.

Platform that gives personal recommendations of shows based on users’ preferences and allows users to interact with friends.

New trendy way to order food from restaurants with one single mobile app.

World's Sport Group AB
World’s Sports Group is the global marketplace that brings athletes in search of new and exciting races together with organisers seeking fresh participants.

The best in class influencer marketing solution reaching a variety of gamers worldwide.

Vyer Technologies AB
Streamline maintenance and facility operations through increased control over building information and access to digital tools.

Single Technologies
Single Technologies provides reading of DNA at unprecedented high throughput and low cost

Renbloc matches real-time energy consumption with production creating a new way to control your energy profile, optimize consumption and significantly lower your CO2 emissions.

Creating attractive accessories that make your IKEA furniture more personal - and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Planboo enables businesses and individuals to carbon compensate by providing a simple and transparent solution in a fun and engaging way, through bamboo investment.

A digital deposit system to eliminate single-use items and track your environmental impact.

Labelf AI
Classify your requests in minutes

IPercept Technology
Automated diagnostics and monitoring of industrial equipment enables industry to create value on an unprecedented level to customers and to society

Small insurances - Fast & Easy

iCellate medical
Cancer diagnostics via liquid biopsy

Gestrument is a Sweden based music-tech company changing the way people interact with music.

Saving lives with digital solutions in special vehicles For Your Safety

We are the platform for those wanting to take charge of their financial situation.

A2O Sverige AB
We work with a focus on less focused proteins, in this case it is the Swedish yellow pea.

Ugglo Utbildning AB
A multi-lingual audio book service for kids.

Discover music from real people and listen together in real time through your Spotify premium account.

Sencept AB
Safeguarding and Guiding Autonomous Operations with 4D Scanning Radars

Building tomorrow’s bioeconomy. Today.

A digital platform and app for writing books.

Digital therapeutics for people going through menopause.

Master Data Partners Stockholm AB
A one-stop-shop for product data management.

Offers plastic-free products for skin and hair care, such as hand soap, body wash and shampoo.

Re-inventing digital infrastructure for medical testing

Connects farmers with investors to accelerate the transition to more sustainable agriculture.

Flox’s solutions prevent conflict between animals and humans and enable more sustainable agriculture.

The world’s most popular fishing app.

Dropmed AB
Sweden's first independent medical marketplace, where healthcare providers can customize their own platform and purchase products directly from registered medtech vendors.

Din Psykolog
Chat with a psychologist online, anytime.

The data platform for sustainable finance

Clever Compliance
Product compliance management software solutions for enterprises

IT company that provides a serverless deployment framework for infrastructure as code (IaC).

Andning Med
We develop an intuitive device that helps to inhale the medication correctly and deliver the optimal dose into the patient's lungs.

2Heal Medical
Enables long-term health through holistic, people-centered healthcare.

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